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New viral strains



Following full quality control testing and authentication the following strains are available for academic and commercial researchers:


Strains in 2017 

NCPV Catalogue no     Virus name
 1604291v        Mumps (MuVi/Kilham.USA/0.50[A])
 1604303v       Mumps (MuVi/L-Zagreb.HRV/0.71vac)
 1607081v      RSVB (England653/2015)


Strains in 2015/16

NCPV Catalogue no    

Virus name

1609021v      Zika virus (PHE_semen_Guadeloupe)
1308258v     Zika virus (Uganda)
1604131v     Zika virus (Puerto Rico)
1409231v     MERS Coronavirus
1311111v     BK polyomavirus
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