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A new survey, from the Natural Science Collections COVID-19 Task Force, aims to discover more about common practices used by microbiologists for collecting and preserving study organisms (viral and otherwise) and archiving (collecting a voucher specimen) of the host organism.

The results of this study will provide crucial knowledge which could be of significant benefit to the scientific community in several ways. Predominantly, the survey results could help facilitate greater connections and collaborations between those who study pathogens and those who study their hosts, informing future emerging infectious disease risk.

Participation in the survey is voluntary, and is estimated to take less than 15 minutes to complete. All data collected is anonymous and confidential. 

To view or take part in the survey please click here.


Further information

For questions about the survey, please contact the Principal Investigator DeeAnn Reeder: Department of Biology, Bucknell University, at 570.577-1208 or

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