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This collection consists of more than 1100 cell lines originating from over 45 different species and a wide variety of tissues. All cell lines added to the collection undergo full quality control and authentication procedures. Cell lines can be supplied either as frozen or growing cultures. Genomic DNA extracted from the cell lines is also available.

All cell lines supplied by ECACC undergo comprehensive quality control and authentication procedures. These include testing for mycoplasma by culture isolation, Hoechst DNA staining and PCR, together with culture testing for contaminant bacteria, yeast and fungi. Certificates of Analysis are available on request for each cell line lot no. supplied, which report the viable cell count, identity of the cell line and the absence of bacteria, fungi and mycoplasma.


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Cell Line Groups - cell lines grouped according to particular characteristics or areas of study.


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Catalogue No. Cell Line Name Keywords Price
12070506 AB-1 HA Mouse mesothelioma cell line transfected with influenza haemagglutinin gene (HA) Price
10092305 AB1 Mouse malignant mesothelioma Price
10092306 AB12 Mouse malignant mesothelioma Price
10092307 AB22 Mouse malignant mesothelioma Price
10092308 AC29 Mouse malignant mesothelioma Price
10092310 AE17 Mouse malignant mesothelioma Price
10092309 JU77 Human malignant mesothelioma Price
10092301 LIM1215 Human colorectal carcinoma Price
12062001 LIM1899 Human columnar cell adenocarcinoma of the colon Price
12062002 LIM2099 Human liver metastasis, moderately differentiated sclerosing adenocarcinoma Price
12062003 LIM2405 Human adenocarcinoma of the caecum of a male patient Price
12070504 LIM2550 Human columnar cell adenocarcinoma of the colon Price
12070505 LIM2551 Human derived from an adenocarcinoma of the transverse colon Price
10092311 LO68 Human malignant mesothelioma Price
10092302 MCC13 Human Merkel carcinoma Price
10092303 MCC14/2 Human Merkel carcinoma Price
10092304 MCC26 Human Merkel carcinoma Price
10092314 MM127 Human malignant melanoma Price
10092321 MM138 Human melanoma; from metastatic site - lymph node Price
11072804 MM253 Human melanoma metastatic site lymph node Price
48 items found, displaying 1 to 20.[First/Prev] 1, 2, 3 [Next/Last]

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