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Ethnic Diversity DNA Panel

Product Name: EDP-1(2ug)
Catalogue No: 07020701

This panel consists of a minimum of 2µg purified genomic DNA from each of 92 individuals from ECACC's HLA-Typed Collection in a convenient 8 x 12 format. These samples represent individuals from a number of ethnic backgrounds including: African, Oriental, Australian Aborigine, Thai, Italian, French, South American Indian, Japanese and Ashkenazi Jewish.
See datasheet for panel layout.

Alternatively, researchers are invited to design their own customised panel selecting samples from the HLA-Defined Collection.

ECACC DNA Panels are intended for research use only.

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Product Name Catalogue Number Keyword Description Data Sheet Price
EDP-1 07020701p Ethnic Diversity DNA Panel M074 EDP-1 2ug Data Sheet .pdf Price


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