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ECACC Human Random Control (HRC) DNA is a readily available, cost effective and renewable source of authenticated, high quality purified genomic DNA from a control population of 480 randomly selected, non-related UK Caucasian blood donors.

DNA is extracted from lymphoblastoid cell lines derived by EBV transformation of peripheral blood lymphocytes from single donor blood samples and is available as a series of five panels each containing samples from 96 separate individuals in a convenient 8 x 12 well format. DNA is provided as a solution at a concentration of 100ng/μl in 10mM Tris buffer (pH 8.0) with 1mM EDTA. Gender and age at venesection is available for most samples.

ECACC DNA Panels are intended for research use only.

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Product Name Catalogue Number Keyword Description Data Sheet Price
HRC-1 DNA Panel 06041301 Human Random Control DNA Panel 1 (HRC-1) HRC-1_DNAPanel.pdf Price
HRC-2 DNA Panel 06041302 Human Random Control DNA Panel 2 (HRC-2) HRC-2_DNAPanel.pdf Price
HRC-3 DNA Panel 06041303 Human Random Control DNA Panel 3 (HRC-3) HRC-3_DNAPanel.pdf Price
HRC-4 DNA Panel 06041304 Human Random Control DNA Panel 4 (HRC-4) HRC-4_DNAPanel.pdf Price
HRC-5 DNA Panel 06041305 Human Random Control DNA Panel 5 (HRC-5) HRC-5_DNAPanel.pdf Price


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