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Serum Free Cell Lines

Serum Free Cell Lines An area of regulatory concern in the biopharmaceutical production industry is the use of animal derived products during production processes. One of the sources of this problem is the presence of animal derived components in...

Serum-free products questionnaire

Serum-free products survey     Foetal bovine serum (FBS) is an essential reagent for cell cultures, containing several growth factors and hormones able to stimulate cell proliferation in vitro. Serum is a source of growth and adhesion factors,...

Cell Lines and Hybridomas

Cell Lines and Hybridomas The European Collection of Authenticated Cell Cultures (ECACC) has a range of cell line collections grouped according to the type of cell line and the data available. We have an active cell line acquisition programme, new...

Patent Deposit Service Introduction

Patent Deposit Service NCTC and ECACC are long established International Depository Authorities (IDAs) for the deposit of pathogenic bacteria, cell lines and viruses for the purposes of patenting under the Budapest Treaty.   NCTC accepts bacteria,...

ECACC in research: CHO-K1 cells used in targeted nucleotide editing study using hybrid vertebrate-prokaryotic adaptive immune system

ECACC in research: CHO-K1 cells used in targeted nucleotide editing study using a hybrid vertebrate-prokaryotic adaptive immune system       The immune system of vertebrates consists of two main strategies; innate immunity and adaptive immunity....

Culture Collections News

Culture Collections news Read about our new products, collaborations, upcoming events and find out about latest scientific developments and announcements. We welcome your feedback and comments - please email If you...

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