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COFUN - Aspergillus fumigatus gene-wide knock out collection




COFUN is a Wellcome Trust funded project undertaken by the University of Manchester that aims to generate knockout mutants for all of the coding genes in the human pathogen Aspergillus fumigatus. In total around 10,000 strains will be generated for which Culture Collections are the sole distributor.

The first sub-library consists of >400 transcription factor null mutants in the form of a panel (frozen). The transcription factor knockout strains incorporate a class III restriction site on one flank providing the capability to perform rapid quantitative parallel fitness analysis (the methodologies for this can be supplied on request).


NCPF No         Gene Knocked Out Format                 Price          
NCPF 7922 Transcription Factor DNA panel (frozen) (5x96 well) £1000


You can read more about the COFUN project in the COFUN leaflet

To keep up to date with the development of this resource and the release of libraries of kinase and phosphatase knockout mutants, follow us on Twitter @TheNCPF and sign-up to recieve updates from NCPF by email.

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