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General Cell Collection: MM485

Catalogue No.: 11072803
Cell Line Name: MM485
Also Known As: MM 485
Keywords: Human melanoma metastatic site lymph node
Cell Line Description: MM485 is a human melanoma derived from a metastatic site (lymph node). Cell Bank Australia reference number CBA-1355
Species: Human
Tissue: Skin
Morphology: Epithelial
Growth Mode: Adherent
Subculture Routine: Optimal split ratio 1:4 (seeding density 1.2 x104 cells/cm2).Cells incubated at 37°C with 5% CO2.Harvest the cells using 0.05% Trypsin/EDTA at 37°C for 5 min.
Culture Medium: RPMI 1640 (with 2mM L-Glutamine + 25mM HEPES) + 10% FBS
Depositor: Peter Parsons - Queensland Institute of Medical Research, Australia
References: Castellano M, Pollock PM, Walters MK, Sparrow LE, Down LM, Gabrielli BG, Parsons PG, Hayward NK. 1997 CDKN2A/p16 is inactivated in most melanoma cell lines. Cancer Res. 57(21):4868-75 PMID: 9354451.
Additional Bibliography: Pavey S, Johansson P, Packer L, Taylor J, Stark M, Pollock PM, Walker GJ, Boyle GM, Harper U, Cozzi SJ, Hansen K, Yudt L, Schmidt C, Hersey P, Ellem KA, O'Rourke MG, Parsons PG, Meltzer P, Ringnér M, Hayward NK. 2004 Microarray expression profiling in melanoma reveals a BRAF mutation signature. Oncogene. 23(23):4060-7 PMID: 15048078. Packer L, Pavey S, Parker A, Stark M, Johansson P, Clarke B, Pollock P, Ringner M, Hayward N. 2006 Osteopontin is a downstream effector of the PI3-kinase pathway in melanomas that is inversely correlated with functional PTEN. Carcinogenesis. 27:1778-86. PMID: 16571650. Stark M, Hayward N. 2007 Genome-wide loss of heterozygosity and copy number analysis in melanoma using high-density single-nucleotide polymorphism arrays. Cancer Res. 67(6):2632-42 PMID: 17363583.
Patents: None specified by Depositor
Research Council Deposit: No
Release Conditions: No

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Cultures supplied by Culture Collections are for research purposes only. Enquiries regarding the commercial use of a cell line are referred to the depositor of the cell line. Some cell lines have additional special release conditions such as the requirement for a material transfer agreement to be completed by the potential recipient prior to the supply of the cell line. Please view the Terms & Conditions of Supply for more information.

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